Single Review: La Boum Fatale - 'No Tongue In Cheek' (feat. Asbjørn)

Our German friends love a bit of electronic musik. It may come as no surprise then (or it may, I suppose) to learn that producer/musician Antonio de Spirt (possibly my most favourite name ever) hails from Germany, is currently located in Berlin and loves experimenting with all things electronica. Recording under the moniker of La Boum Fatale he has bestowed upon us his latest single 'No Tongue In Cheek', lifted from upcoming album, 'Holygram'.

Of the cut itself, the opening synth tones are somewhat haunting (note to self: this is a good thing) matched by an almost ghostly vocal. The track floats and flows lavishing the record with an at odds feel - dark yet subtly positive. This is also a searching record, inviting you and I to journey with it as we are guided to whatever musical sphere we wish to orbit (which to me was an ill-lit club in London town, guv'nor). Fleeting echoes of drum and bass, nods towards Kraftwerk and even some pop leanings give you an idea of the breadth of experimentation that La Boum Fatale is content to play with.

This is a beautiful opus that is powered along by the vocal - more than ably provided by Dane Asbjørn.  Tracks like these require a strong vocal to compliment the minimalist, ambient backdrop and Asbjørn's vocal is just that: engaging enough that you want to hear it but not so overpowering that the feel of the track is compromised. In short, it works extremely well.

It is fair to say I am looking forward to the album. Very much so indeed.

Words of Dave Nelson