Single Review: Gregg Garvey - 'Another Home'

'Another Home' is the latest brooding offering from American singer/songwriter Gregg Garvey. I've said numerous times before that one of the great things about music is when you can't quite place a song in to a certain era; 'Another Home' is a fine example of that. It has a much more vintage sound to it than a lot of things being released at the moment, thanks to Garvey's almost crooning vocals - akin to Scott Walker in fact. The emphasis on melody has the track tick along particularly well too.

There're some subtle keyboard notes in the background during the verse as well which reminded me of something Pink Floyd might add to a track. In fact, musically (if we ignore Garvey's vocals) it is quite similar to some of Pink Floyd's 70's stuff which is very much welcomed.  Lyrically it seems to be a tale of moving on/abandonment "I must find another home, I will find a place to go", which may not be a totally unique theme to explore but it fits the ambient mood created by the music very well.

It's a style of music that can quite easily sound very dated or lazy if done incorrectly, however Garvey has created something that isn't overproduced or something which sounds aged already. The song is very mature, has radio 'playability' without the need of relying on a chorus and very strong vocals. Too often do vocals take attention away from the music that carries the voice, that is certainly not the case here.

Words of Jake Collins