Single Review: Chris Colepaugh & the Cosmic Crew - 'My World'

Although Canadian guitar talent Chris Colepaugh and his Cosmic Crew have been around since 1996, it’s been six years since their last studio output ‘Missed a Page’. However, January 2016 saw a new release in the form of ‘RnR, the band’s eighth album, and one where the band were intent on delivering a straight-up rock-and-roll album. Painstakingly shaping the tracks over the course of the previous year, Chris Colepaugh & the Cosmic Crew have presented an album that boasts all that is good with blues-infused guitar music, as well as acting as a strong representation of their live performances.

‘My World’, the second track on ‘RnR, starts simply enough, a cowbell underpinning a delicious-sounding guitar tone and heartfelt singing. Surprisingly, the chorus is soon to welcome the listener, as if to reiterate the album’s focused and filler-free delivery. Nicely-paced and stripped-back in its approach, ‘My World’ develops into an instant, old school rocker, with fans of My Morning Jacket sure to lap this up. Given the thought gone into the guitar of ‘RnR’ and the music pedigree on show, the sharp solo adds a neat touch of class.

Providing a nice snapshot of ‘RnR’, ‘My World’ is an enjoyable slice of Southern rock. Recommended.

Words of DS_Convertible