Single Review: Avi Jacob - 'Pickup Truck'

Often, folk music can be a sombre affair. Bittersweet tales of love and loss, heartache and betrayal, regret and nostalgia.  Although universal themes, unlike most other genres - the acoustic simplicity that accompanies a folk singer's raw and exposed vocals, heightens the heart felt emotion within the vocalist's storytelling. Combine this with instrumental waves of Americana and it is like the feeling of the much needed first few drops of rain, after a drought.

'Pickup Truck' by South Carolina-based singer-songwriter Avi Jacob is a matter of fact, yet emotional ode to a deceased father. Sung from the point of view of a remorseful, regretful son, the lyrical tone is self-effacing yet shameful and searching for reassurance. Gentle finger picking guides the vocals through the majority of the song, interjected with bursts of accordion,the gentle thump of a bass drum hit upside down with a mallet,  melancholy keys and mournful, female, country vocal interplay.

This is a moving offering  that is delicately put together around its morbid subject matter, yet opens up to sections of sound that shine so vibrantly, this song is like watching the sun find its way through  a cloudy sky.

Words of Karla Harris

'Pickup Truck' is taken from Avi Jacob's upcoming album 'Lies That I’ve Told' and is avilable  now on iTunes.

Upcoming shows: 
12/03/16 – The Earl, Atlanta – opening act for Prince Rama
1/4/16 – Cistern Yard, Charleston, SC
9/4/16 – Redux art center, Charleston, SC 
16/04/16 - Grits film festival, Columbia, SC