PREMIERE: Strange Heights: 'Believe Me' [Single & Video]

Chicago based 6-piece Strange Heights are premiering their debut single & video 'Believe Me' on WTH Blows

Sometimes when trying to get your name out there as a band; less is more. This is exactly the approach that Strange Heights are taking with their introduction. Even their band name is shrouded in mystery, where they understand that everyone has a different picture of what 'Strange Heights' may mean to them. Just like everyone picks out different meanings from music.  Largely, they are leaving it up to their audience to make of them what they want to, with the music being the main focus, and we think that's great.

Citing influences from St. Lucia,  Darwin Deez, to Coldplay and ACDC, Strange Heights are a dynamic outfit who feature a unique blend of  alternative pop. They are a motivated band with a clear vision of what they want from their future.

Strange Heights first offering 'Believe Me' is a unique blend of synths, guitars and vocal harmony. Retro, rippling, keys, funky guitar lines and a chilled out drum rhythm give a warm, groove-based synth pop feel to the start of the track. When the vocals kick in its clear this isn't just another summery, indie pop offering. The lead vocals are melodic but deeper, gruffer, bordering rock territory. The vocal harmonies are textured. The instrumental arrangements get heavier throughout the track to support this. What's great about this track is that there's a lot going on here, but no one overshadows anyone else. Each instrument and each vocal harmony is noted and essential to the composition. These guys are a band where each member is an integral component to the mechanism and that is a pleasure to see.

 'Believe Me' is taken from the band's upcoming debut EP due for release on May 4th. It also comes with a video that the band explains:

"The video was produced by Nathaniel Alexander Bruce, a film student at Columbia College Chicago. It was filmed in Strange Heights's studio.The video compliments the song by showing all the instrumentation that goes in the song and showcasing what each member of the band contributes to the band Shots were meant to bring out all the musical elements of the song and make the instruments the focus. The main idea of the video is that the song and the instruments go together very well. The song is about the bands enjoyment of music and how to take their careers to higher levels by doing what they love."

Words of Karla Harris


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