Listen: Silences - 'There's A Wolf' (Single)

Over the last few years, Silences have made a name for themselves juggling traditional and contemporary folk sounds with a subtlety and gentility that has been so lovingly crafted, its been near enough impossible for the listener to avoid falling under the band's spell.

While their new single 'There's A Wolf' begins with familiar, gentle, acoustic folk instrumentation, there's an immediate sense of electronic apprehension and urgency that is unfamiliar territory from what we have grown used to from Silences.  When Conchúr White's hushed vocals kick in, it becomes immediate how moreish this track is. White's words act as an ominous forewarning that danger is lurking, but we are  initially unaware of the real extent of this.

As the instrumentation and lyrical themes continues to hint that something deeper, bolder, brasher is lurking, a small pause in sound is not enough to prepare the listener for the rip roaring guitar sections, indie rock soundscapes and the melodic, howling, harmonies that are to follow.

"There's a wolf inside those woods..." and perhaps there is a wolf inside of Silences too. Right here we see them shed their sheep skin to unveil  their most eclectic seductive and dangerous track to date.

Words of Karla Harris

There’s A Wolf’ is cut from Silences upcoming  EP ‘Luna’ due for release on April 15th. Its release will mark the band's third EP, following on from  'Sister Snow' EP and 'Never Names' EP.