Listen: Kidnap Kid - 'Moments' Feat. Leo Stannard (Live Acoustic)

It's always a pleasure when an artist strips back a song. To see the layers peeled away and reach the very core of its structure. I love the sincerity in the process. The passion, the emotion, the vulnerability.

During an acoustic session recorded at Red Bull studios, this is exactly what DJ and electronic producer Kidnap Kid and singer songwriter Leo Stannard have done with 'Moments'. With Kidnap Kid on keys, Leo on guitar and a live cellist, these three musicians have transformed the entire tone of the piece.

Granted, 'Moments' in it's original form is moving in its own right. But,  stripping away the electronic ambience of the original has added a seriousness to the mood that shifts the focus from Kidnap Kid's intricate production, onto the intensity of the strings section and of course;  Leo's songwriting skills and vocals which break with emotion in a Keaton Henson-esque ways that send shivers through you.

If like us, you had never heard of either artist before now, this is the perfect introduction, and who knows, maybe they will collaborate again in the near future...

Words of Karla Harris