Introducing: Twinnie Lee Moore - 'Cool'

Sometimes here in the UK  it's easy to forget how huge country pop music is in the United States. In very recent times, female artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood have made the genre much more appealing and accessible to us. Arguably it's a struggle to think of any contemporary/popular British female singer-songwriters who are making music with that fundamentally country twang.

Thus enters English musician, Twinnie Lee Moore with her country pop debut, 'Cool'. The track is stripped back with beaming country melodies and modern folk pop harmonies. Most importantly, the vocals are beautiful and this stripped back debut gives them so much room to breathe and for her songwriting to really stand out. It's important to note that while Twinnie Lee Moore's vocals are distinctive, and are befitting of the country pop genre; they are not rooted in country and this doesn't alienate her to one specific genre.

Twinnie Lee Moore is talented enough to have such a broad scope to experiment with her sound if she ever wanted to. For now, it seems as though she has definitely found her feet with the solo country pop direction. And, as mentioned, there's definitely a niche for it in the UK that is begging to be filled. We think this is just the lady for the job.

Words of Karla Harris

Cool is out now on TLM Records and available for download via  Amazon and iTunes.