Introducing: Boigirl - 'Casually Count', 'Unapologetically' & 'Over and Over' (Singles)

Sometimes it's easy to take for granted how much of a positive influence music can have over a person, a scene. A nation. A world. So much so that we forget in some countries, under some regimes, music - or some of its wonderful genres - are still to this day as I write this, banned. In fact, even within the most vibrant  hubs of musical culture, we are still subjected to radio edits, to censorship.

 There are some  people in this world, who are terrified of music. Terrified of the people who make it. It opens doors into worlds and point of views that are different to what your upbringing may have taught you. Different to what  mainstream society tells you.  But for most of us. It is one of our deepest, purest, pleasures in life. For some of us, it changes our lives for the better.

That's why we become fans. Why we mourn the loss of our musical idols as if they were our friends. Because musicians give away parts of themselves within their songs. The parts we can relate to. They make us feel less alone when we are out our lowest points. They are the soundtrack to our sunny days, our celebrations, our harshest heartbreak. They teach us things about ourselves, let us know there is someone out there who feels exactly the same way that we do at any given moment. Certain songs stop us from suffocating in our own skins.

And do you know why that is? It's because fundamentally, we are all the same.  We are a vast, beautiful, peculiar, eclectic species. But deep down, we are all just wandering through life, wanting to love and be loved. To be understood. To be accepted. To live our lives without discrimination, hatred or fear. Truthfully. As the people we know that we are deep in our souls. Even if it defies society's notion of the "norm". We have similar regrets, similar heartbreaks, and we feel pain in the same way. Granted, our stories are very different. Our pain may come from different places. But we are all human. And music, for the most part. taps into what being human means to us. That's why we connect with it so much.

LA based four-piece Boigirl are pretty good at being human and tapping into those emotions. They are a band united in the consensus that no matter how different you might feel, you should never let that impact your dreams.
Boigirl have released three songs since mid-December of the post hardcore and surrounding genres.  'Casually Count' is notably pop punk with catchy  hooks, 'Unapologetically', is determined and dark with a pretty heavy punk intro  and 'Over & Over' is the more melodic side of post hardcore and sees the guys recounting their time wrestling metaphorical bears and stuff.

The band are currently in the studio working on some new material, and front man Casper Purtlebaugh also operates solo under the monikor of Baughleon. This project sees him showcase a completely different sound and acts as an avenue to focus on important identity issues such as the trans topic. Being trans himself, his goal is to help the trans community have a voice/ identity in music with special attention to pop.

So keep an eye out, because these guys collectively and solo, have so much to give.

Words of Karla Harris