Introducing: ALMA - 'Wicked' (Single)

Scandinavian songstress ALMA saunters in with 'Wicked' a smouldering, intoxicating, down-tempo, chillout track that is so polished so full of conviction, so mischievous, it's almost hard to believe that this is a debut single.

The track opens with seductive electronics and smoky harmonies, reminiscent of the type of music featured on a sophisticated yet provocative fragrance advert - we actually found ourselves asking, "has this track featured on a fragrance advert?" We don't know. Should it be on a fragrance advert? Yes.

'Wicked' is a thrilling and dramatic debut offering, combining elements of neo soul, jazz, trip hop and seasoned pop. The electronic presence and cinematic instrumentation is atmospheric instead of overpowering, which is great because  ALMA's sultry vocals, impish delivery and avenging lyrics are so ensnaring, so hypnotic, so dangerous,  they demand to be listened to.

Words of Karla Harris