Free Download: Andrew Grant - 'Gravity'

Like many of us, LA based songwriter and producer Andrew Grant has found himself stuck in a situation where unfortunately and painfully, love is not enough to make an important relationship work. This is the theme that runs through the core of  his current single, 'Gravity' which features production at a level as all consuming and tumultuous as the feelings which the lyrics describe.

Combining a genre bending sound that  he has coined as "H.I.R.D Music", his production sees elements of Hiphop, Indie, Rock and Dance working in unison to create a pretty spectacular atmosphere.  'Gravity'  is a doomed track with melodic dark chords and shattering bass lines. Sonically, there's an oppressive, helplessness here that really magnifies the intensity of the narrator's Catch 22 situation.

Grant's vocals are exposed and passionate yet show a strength and a texture that seems much more steady than the unstable, roaring electronics that surround it. The track is born from emotion and heartache, and a huge awakening that being with the person you love under certain unchangeable circumstances, is just as painful as leaving them.

'Gravity' follows on from Grant's first single 'Slow Burn'  - an eclectic track with smoky vocals and experimental, electronics.  Both tracks are taken from Grant's forthcoming album, 'Taken For Granted' and are currently available for free download via the links under the tracks on his Soundcloud page, here.

Words of Karla Harris