Artist To Check Out: Officer - 'Glass Ceiling' (Single)

We're not sure why solo artist, DC Logan choose to make music under the moniker of  Officer, but we're pretty certain he may not have foreseen how much authority (and in turn a lack of authority) he would accidentally end up having over his fans.

With what can only be described as military precision - a small yet strong army of aforementioned fans went rogue, secretly created a fundraising network and  presented a stunned Officer with the money he would need to record a debut album for them. Their weapons of choice; generosity, belief and dedication.

In turn, Officer named this debut album 'Myriads'.

'Glass Ceiling' is one of the tracks' taken from the album and it is beautiful, yet darkly poetic in nature.  Officer's smooth, mellow vocals  reach out of the murky electronic depths that act as a weight, a barrier, a glass ceiling. The track pays particular attention to detail in its production, where the vocals remain clear, consistent, passionate, not overshadowed by the ominous,  immediate, foreboding, exhaustred yet chugging along,  mood the soundscapes encourage.

There's a feeling of claustrophobia here, a sense of defeat, a feeling of drowning, of being overwhelmed. But there's also a soaring sense of jubilance and sheer brilliance in it's catchy choruses.  Officer is a musician who puts everything he has seen and felt into his music. Every words he sings is full of emotion and honesty based on basic human feelings that we can incorporate into our own daily lives.
Officer has a way of making his listener  feel the pain and the rawness in a way that even if we can't quite place it, we feel it as if it were our own.

Words of Karla Harris