Artist To Check Out: Natalie Lurie - No Mercy In The Night' (EP)

Photo Credit: Cameron Powell
'No Mercy In The Night' is the debut EP of Nashville based singer-songwriter Natale Lurie.

Comprised of four tracks, the EP opens with its title track, which fades in and out with  a melody that eerily. could be cut from the theme tune to the Halloween movies. Sinister similarities aside, 'No Mercy In The Night' is actually a very warm track despite the conflicted emotion in its lyrics.

'Build It Up' is composed exactly as the name suggest. Slow and steady instrumentation sets the mood as the track makes gentle nods towards the ethereal aspects of  Bon Iver. Lurie's beaming vocals are laid bare and this is a track that is built on reassurance, as Lurie reaffirms the mantra,  "It's ok to feel alive".

The most haunting and heaviest offering on the EP is 'I Was Gold'. There's so much beauty in the darkness here and Lurie is a natural storyteller. Her exquisite vocals are matched by male backing vocals and this only adds to the tension and atmosphere of the track, as Lurie and her harp float skywards through the claustrophobia.

 Rounding off the EP is 'Great Unknown' It's probably the most "Nashville" of tracks at heart. The arrangements are tight and chirpy, and it's a wonderful way to wrap up the EP.

Natalie Lurie is an immeasurably talented  harpist, with impeccable vocals and innovative ideas. Backed by some incredible musicians, 'No Mercy In The Night' is a flawless listen.  The EP comprises so many different genres, but at the forefront allows its listener to see how wonderfully current harp-led chamber music can be. Especially when matched with the right influences, emotion, production and lyrics.

Words of Karla Harris

Natalie Lurie's debut EP No Mercy in the Night, produced by Dustin Ransom  and is scheduled  for release on March 25th, 2016.