Artist To Check Out: Benevolus - 'Go'.

Sometimes, bigger really is better and this seems to be the approach New York-based composer, producer and DJ, Ryan Beppel has taken on his new, project, Benevolus (with a little help from multi instrumentalist Cody Brown on drums). 

'Go' is the first track to be revealed from Benevolus' soon to be released full album and the duo seem to be channeling the spirit of an omnipresence that arguably, only they themselves fully understand.
Benevolus focus on atmosphere and tone over regular rhythm patterns so the track makes for an ambient listen with an inherently tribal, feral,  feel.

'Go' has no restraints and balances big and bold with gentler instrumentation.  Each rhythm beat and each shouty vocal cry  are as much  in tune as they are an  odd war cry, or an ethereal wail, crying out to the dawn of mankind! I won't lie, I don't have a clue what is being sung about half of the time, but it's about a girl, and not your standard love song. The song acts as more of an interpretative performance than something you can really sing along to, but it really is fun trying to!

Words of Karla Harris.


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