The Video Explained: ZA! - 'Badulake' (Video)

Who:  ZA! is a Spanish experimental punk duo.

About The Track: 'Badulake' is taken from 'LOLOISMO', the duo's first official UK release. The album is out via Sheffield DIY collective The Audacious Art Experiment and Folkestone's Hot Salvation Records, and is streaming in full on The Wire or available to purchase, here. There is no set style to the duo's music and this is immediately noticeable during 'Badulake.' It's industrial merging with dubstep, hip hop in partnership with math-rock, Asian, Arabic meets invented landscapes and it's fascinating! The duo describe their sound as "post world music" and this is exactly what we think the universe would sound like after its demise.

The Video Explained: "Badulake means "cornershop" in Spanish,"explains the band. "The video is shot on a store near Spazzfrica Ehd's apartment, owned by Rustem, a very nice neighbour that has a motto in life: "FÁCIL, FÁCIL, FÁCIL" (easy, easy, easy). He's the main actor in the video. When we were acting as "the robbers" on the end of the video, 6 REAL & armed policemen entered the store to stop us: a neighbour saw the scene from his apartment and called the cops!"

 UK Live dates:
Saturday 13th February - The Harp Restrung, Folkestone
Wednesday 17th February - Secret show TBA
Thursday 18th February - MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
Friday 19th February - Delius Arts and Cultural Centre., Bradford
Saturday 20th February - Picture House Social, Sheffield
All dates are with  NOPE