The Video Explained: IS TROPICAL - 'Follow The Sun'

Who: IS TROPICAL are a London based four-piece.

About The Track: 'Follow The Sun' is taken from IS TROPICAL's upcoming new album 'Black Anything' due out on 11th March via NYC based Axis Mundi Records. Each part of the album was recorded in a different continent, and will be released on five 10” transparent picture disc instalments with Pt.4 'Follow The Sun/Now Stop' being recorded in Asia.

The Video Explained:
"As 'Follow the Sun' is from the Asian instalment of 'Black Anything', naturally we wanted to film the video there. As chance would have it, we had been booked to play a show in Beirut, so tried to coincide the filming with our gig. Although it wasn't the Far East where the song was written, we were pretty lucky our next gig wasn't in Norwich.

We convinced our friend and great photographer Kristin Vicari to come over and shoot the video in exchange for falafel. Such is the luck of IS TROPICAL, Kristin's flight was delayed by a day and by the time she got there, it rained the whole time. Panicking in a hotel room with a video deadline looming, we googled 'sunniest places' and booked the earliest flights available to the Sahara Desert. We took a ride out to the desert to shoot most of the footage."