The Duo Explains: Audego - 'Side Effects' (Video)

Audego are an electronic duo based in Melbourne, Australia.

About The Track:  'Side Effects' is taken from the duo's upcoming EP due for release next month (March 2016).  The track is a minimalistic, lo fi number  featuring soulful vocals, velvety RnB and sci-fi electronics.

The Duo Explains: "The gangsters at Australian based production company Round3 Creative designed the clip. It was directed by Vidad Narayan and we shot it in his garage in between eating sandwiches

The narrative of the clip doesn't really relate to the story of the song, but visually it accompanies the music perfectly. The song itself is about feeling shit after partying too hard whereas the clip is this scifi journey in wireframe animation The dress Aroly was wearing didn't fit and was held together with duct tape in the back, but apart from that it was really easy to shoot. Vidad did all the dirty work in post production, which we didn't really have anything to do with.

Round3 Creative manifested a minimal lo-fi look by creating a visual representation of waveforms brought to life. Bringing together new found technology to create an old-school look, the production utilised the DepthKit RGB+ D Tool to capture the performances in cloud form. Then in post-production, effects were created to directly react to the track, visually responding to its bass and treble
The video is a piece of visual art designed to accompany the personality of the song. It's important to us to release film clips that are creative and unique. I think the concepts & visual ebbs and flows of this clip are beautiful to watch and really fulfil the journey of the song."