The Director Explains: Over Sands - 'Gyroscope'. (Video)

'Gyroscope' is taken from ethereal soundscape duo, Over Sands self titled, debut EP which dropped at the end of last year.  On hearing that the duo incorporated the sounds of physical elements of the environment into their recordings, we decided to shoot a few questions over to  Edward Harber, (the director of the video for 'Gyroscope')  to see how the natural aspects of the track inspired the natural setting of the video.

The Director Explains:

1.Where was 'Gyroscope' filmed?
"It was filmed on Holkham beach in Norfolk."

2. How does the video compliment the song?
"On first hearing the track I was blown away by its expansive sound, so instantly we wanted to replicate that with the visuals. We did this with wide, natural and open landscapes; beaches, forests, oceans and also through the use of the slow zooms, which acted as throw forwards. The beat, which builds throughout gives a great sense of purpose and momentum that we complimented with our treasure hunter - as the beat grows the hunt gets more frantic."

3. Any behind the scenes stories?

"I guess the biggest behind the scenes story was thanks to the unpredictable British September weather. It just kept shifting all day, from sunshine to overcast to freezing rain. The middle of the day was a near right off because it got so cold, we ended up taking refuge in the local pub but then just in time, the sun decided to pop out for sunset. It looked amazing! A special mention must go to Nakita who had to brave the cold seas while the rest of us stood there in our warm jackets and gloves"

4. Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
"We really wanted the video to have an abstract feel, narrative wise. We did use Influences though, which were that of a treasure hunt and also the painting 'The Lady of Shalott' by Arthur Hughes. The rest was really dreamt up from talking to the band about the writing process and listening to the track. We also felt there was an incredible Autumnal feel to the track, which we illustrated visually with the forest shots and then pushed further in the grade playing with the browns, oranges and dark greens."

5. What is the message the video is trying to convey? 
"To be honest there's no real message to the video, we just wanted to create a visual representation of the song that complimented both the expansive sound as well as the driving tempo. We also wanted to have some fun - What's in the box, who is the girl in white dress? I think that's for the viewer to decide. Shot wise the hand held running shots really take you there with the Spade Man. You're with him in the moment and then it breaks to the slow zoom, which gives a rest bite before propelling you back into the action. It was all shot with natural light which was another key factor - the sun (When it was out) was beautiful, and because it was late September it sat really low, giving a nice orange glow to the shots, which also complemented nicely our Autumnal aethsetic."

Interview by Karla Harris