The Band Explains: Hunck - 'Never Had A Dream' (Video).

Hunck are a London-based five-piece comprised of Kieron Johnston, Michael-James Dent, ,Frederik Tyson-Brown, Thomas Wykes and Danny Geffen.

About The Track: 
'Never Had A Dream' is the title track taken from the band's most recent EP. Its psychedelic dream pop with really lovely, feel good melodies (even if the lyrics do skirt around death) with a stand-out oriental inspired solo. Listening to the track makes you feel how Star Wars fans felt when they realised they managed to avoid spoilers for the most recent episode...

The Band Explains: "Fred and myself shot and directed the ’Never Had a Dream’ video. It was filmed in a corridor at REX Studios, my house, Fred’s house and around Liverpool Street, London. We made it while in the middle of a long recording session, and not having any budget and shooting it ourselves limited us to just using our usual surroundings and keep it pretty slow paced, but I think that was exactly what the song needed.
The video being partly shot in our homes fits with the claustrophobic feel we wanted to convey. A theme that often appears in our songs is being helplessly stuck in some way or another... not knowing what to do with yourself till that situation passes.
We filmed it right after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so that influence really comes through. During filming we often stopped and asked one another “How would George Lucas do this scene?" And that's why there are a lot of rumours that he actually directed the video... Which of course is flattering, but it's completely false." - Thomas (Hunck)

Feature by Karla Harris