EP Review: Hunck - 'Never Had A Dream'

Albums can be numerous things. A devolving tale of obloquy and solitude that really makes someone alone suddenly feel like they're in a warm room full of friends. They can be a story nothingness which just cavorts around your iPod without any real meaning but still being enjoyed all the same. Either way, they generally aren't engineered for a fairly short listen. Sometimes an EP is a much better option and it's with that digressive intro that I present you with Hunck and their EP 'Never Had A Dream'.

A London based project, Hunck have delivered a selection of 4 tracks which all sound a lot 'nicer' than what I'd normally listen to - which is much to their testimony. There's a very uplifting dreamy quality to the EP (though  'Up In The Air' is a little more darker sounding) musically, even though the lyrics don't always reflect that. "I've been drinking all day and smoking all night, but I wait and I wait and I wait until I know I'm fine" sort of betrays the slightly more chirpy music on opener 'I'll Wait'. 'So Far, So Deep' closes and has a very MGMT feel to it, which is a good thing. As a general rule I tend to be quite strictly anti-synth but - just like MGMT - they've managed to apply it where necessary and without frivolous use.

The middle two tracks remain in the same sort of dreamy-pop-rock type genre but are a bit more psychedelic sounding. Not in the sour-faced, LSD cumfest 1970's way either; more in the contemporary park currently patrolled by Tame Impala. Whilst the 4 tracks sit in a similar mood and don't really reach out beyond their comfort zone, you can do that with an EP. It's filled with melody and retains a jovial charm all 4 tracks through. I would say 'So Far, So Deep' is my personal choice from this small litter of songs but it'd be particularly ornery of me to suggest any of these tracks are below-par in any way whatsoever.

 Words of Jake Collins.