The Artist Explains: Pairanoid - 'Carry On' (Feat. Alexandria)

Who: Pairanoid are a Toronto-based production duo.

About The Track: 'Carry On' is an easy listening, melodic dance track with a wonderful bass line, and beautiful vocals that are supported by ever building and falling, explosive electronics.

The Artist Explains:  "A very talented friend of mine Tyson Breuer was the mastermind behind the video. It is just one of his many great video projects. It was shot in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada (One of the best places on earth). According to Peter Coleman it's one of the top 10 sunsets in the world.  To create a certain type of emotion in some music you must perform it soft but intense (learned that theory in choir haha). With that mentality for the song, I think Tyson really captured that tension visually in the video.
In terms of casting, initially we wanted to hire the Smoke Monster from LOST. We could only get his little sis to fill in. She did awesome for her debut though don't ya think? The theme for the Carry On record was about having loved and lost. So Tyson took that and flipped it into an amazing beautiful visual recreation. The most stunning thing to me is the visual transitions from baron snow land to night time where you discover this smoke person and her are one. DEEP. *head explodes*
 The message I take is if you lose someone you love, they will always be a part of you. It may take time to understand loss and a journey to get there, but in the end they were a part of your life and that should be celebrated or at least recognized. Others may be different with their perception of the video, Which I guess is why art is so awesome haha." - Andrew of Pairanoid.