The Artist Explains: Mo Safren - 'Bagels and Coffee' (Video)

Who: Mo Safren is a singer-songwriter based in California.

About The Track: 'Bagels and Coffee' is the second single released from Mo's upcoming album, 'Decent Rhythm', set for release on March 18, 2016. The track is easy listening, popular song writing, with a jazzy piano rhythm and sincere, passionate vocals.

The Artist Explains:  "The video was filmed in Downtown LA and produced by Billy Hayes. The video complements the song very well. It basically tells the story of the song. It's soft and sweet. The lighting was key. All lighting was natural and gives off a genuine vibe. During filming was the first time I met the actress. At first things were a little awkward but then we got more comfortable and ended up having a little chemistry. The touching and kissing was all very genuine. We pretty much just wanted the video to tell the story of the song. Everything came together in the end: The lighting, the loft, the actress, the energy, the authenticity.
The video is trying to convey what the story the song is telling. I have a girl and I love to treat her right. I like to make her feel good by waking her up to bagels and coffee. Even though she gets a little reckless at the party, she looks good doing it and I can't help but to love her." - Mo Safren.

Feature by Karla Harris