The Artist Explains: Marie Munroe - 'Can't Go Back' (Video)

Who: Marie Munroe is a Norwegian electro-pop artist.

About The Track: 'Can't Go Back' is taken from Marie Munroe's debut album 'Under My Skin' which was released January 22nd 2016. This is dark, sophisticated electro-pop with 80's inspired synths, unnerving guitar plucks and emotive lyrics and vocals.

The Band Explains: "I personally fell for Layla Sailor's surreal and dreamlike videos. There is something both beautiful and grotesque in Sailor's expression - and something I cannot quite put my finger on.  In the video Layla gives the song a deeper and separate dimension .
People use all kinds of abstract props, lights, smoke and special effects to make their tracks stand out. My songs don’t need any of it to be interesting. They are what they are: 100% music.
'Can’t Go Back' is a song about bad love, but it refuses to surrender to the sad. Layla has anchored it in this dual feeling. And with her surrealistic expression she serves it a bit the same way we our mind serves pictures when we dream. It's pink and glossy, but it's not quite that either. Almost like an shut down candy store." - Marie Munroe