The Artist Explains: Cadence Kid - 'Xtc' (Video)

Who: Cadence Kid is an LA based Film Composer/Orchestrator and multi-instrumentalist.

About The Track: 'Xtc' (pronounced "ecstasy") is produced by 3x Grammy winner Cassidy Turbin (Beck). The track opens with tinkling percussion, before taking the listener on a sensory journey of euphoria, through the use of ethereal synth and electronics. Cadence Kids' smouldering lead vocals are perfectly coupled by the heavenly, yet urgent, guest vocals of Boardwalk's Amber Quintero; especially noticeable on the hooky chorus, as the duo swoon in synch, "your love is like ecstasy, ecstasy".

The Artist Explains: "The video for 'Xtc' was produced by Angie Y. Johnson and filmed in LA with a small close-knit group of friends and favors. The edit style of the video is synced into the beats of the song and it's sort of left up to interpretation for the audience to get an exact story or feeling from it.

We all had a great time experimenting with food color drops into a fish tank to get those colorful watery shots. The underwater swimming was all shot with an iPhone which goes to show you that you don't always need super expensive equipment to make art. We only used practical effects like a glass crystal in front of the camera lens to get blurry images and a projector that we had aimed at the two actors for an alternate universe they could play in.

The idea of the song and video is about falling in love with someone to the point that its like a drug and nothing else exist but the two of you and that feeling surrounding you both so much so you never want to let go." - Cadence Kid

Feature by Karla Harris