Sky Vs Heath & Safety Third Productions Explains: 'Throw The Game' (Video).

Who: Sky vs. Heath is the project of singer Zoe Sky Jordan and drummer/producer Isaac Heath Carpenter.

About The Track: 'Throw The Game' is the first track taken from Go Rogue Records compilation, 'Neon Dream'. The track is modern pop vocals vs  energetic, virtual synthesizers and kind of feels like the soundtrack to your own real life video game.

About The Video:
Sky Vs Heath Explains: "The video was produced by Safety Third Productions, an incredible little media production house based in Brooklyn, NY (where the video was also filmed).
Each look was workshopped extensively ahead of time, but despite careful planning, much of what made it onscreen was the result of a myriad of unexpected, last-minute additions. For example, the pink balloon character was not conceived ahead of time. The vision for it occurred entirely on-set the day of the shoot and we scrambled to build it into the schedule because we loved the look so much. We are most invested in the improvisatory nature of the collaborative process when everyone trusts the work enough to get a little wild in trying new things.
We felt there was a distinct femininity to the song and we wanted that presence to act as the conceptual theme of the video. Our goal was to portray the female form in an empowering and nuanced manner. We are invested in the moving body and the poetry of dance especially as seen through the female gaze. Our goal here was to develop archetypal forms that act outside of social expectations and release energy contained by cultural taboos. In our practice we are seeking to display the body though a medium that relies on physical presence, without becoming a mere object for the spectator."

Safety Third Production Explains: "From the beginning, we felt strongly that we did not want to create an overtly-obvious interpretation of the lyrics. Our one concession being the hands throwing various objects, echoing the lyric and song title 'Throw The Game'. We really connected to the reedy, feminine vocals of the track which we read as delicately haunting. Nikki Ervice, the fantastic NYC-based dancer with whom we collaborated embodies a transformational fierceness which we think is super compelling. Her ability to convincingly embody the plethora of different characters and take them to different emotional places, from serene to curious to deliriously sinister, was essential to the piece.
We felt that having each character be performed by the same dancer added an interesting internal psychological element to the piece. One possible reading is a narrative of internal conflict or struggle, with each character being a different aspect of the same self, or voices in the same head, spanning the gamut from more benevolent and compassionate aspects of self, to darker, more destructive parts of self. We were striving for a holistic and comprehensive portrayal of the individual, without couching these different selves in immediately recognizable forms. Most of all we had a whole lot of fun making this piece with artists whom we respect and admire."