Single Review: Sun|Drones - 'Kill Me Baby'.

Writing a review for a new band based on pretty much no information whatsoever can provide a refreshing clean slate. Other than Sun|Drones hailing from Brooklyn. New York, this reviewer is very much in the shadows in terms of the band’s background and what they hope to represent. However, envisaging of some kind of epic, drone-based dirge, based solely on the slightly quirky moniker alone, proves very much wide of the mark.

Instead,’Kill Me Baby’ sees Sun|Drones offering up a instant slab of 90’s-tinged American indie-rock, with first impressions very much on the positive side. Ticking all the requisite boxes in terms of some Weezer-esque riff patterns and effortlessly-cool, at times drawled vocals, its a pretty damn-catchy, head-nodding listen. Sugar coating the chorus with a series of ‘oohs’ helps on the earworm scale, permeating through what is an effective chorus crescendo. Whilst never threatening to descent into utter chaos, a neat little solo and more-frenzied screams towards the end of the middle section hint that Sun|Drones can mix it up a little, while retaining a polish that should serve them well in attracting fans.

Although there’s a nagging feeling of familiarity with aspects of the track, overall this helps with bedding in such an early offering. It’s a promising start, certainly worth tuning in for. Give it a spin, let’s hope to hear more.

Words of DS_Convertible