Single Review: Loa Loa - 'Landslide'

If their debut single is anything to go by, scuzzy Brighton newcomers Loa Loa appear to take after their (presumed) namesake in more ways than one.

 'Landslide' is a parasitic track than worms its filthy way under the skin, ingrains itself and refuses to let up. With a strong punk foundation, big, bold and brash instrumentation, and grungy, scornful vocals, 'Landslide'  takes its listener on a downward  spiral  of avalanche proportion -  ultimately leaving  the listener, stunned and empowered,  rummaging through the sonic rubble and picking metaphorical debris out of their hair in its wake. 

With a sound that is at once familiar yet tweaked to fit their own identity,  there's something deeply intriguing about the direction the band are taking with their sound.

Loa Loa - we never saw you coming, but we are grateful for the catastrophic mess you have made.

Words of Karla Harris.

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