Single Review: Kylie Odetta - 'High Dreamer'

Emotive, bluesy, piano keys ease the listener into Kylie Odetta's 'High Dreamer', providing the perfect backdrop to the astronomical vocals that are to follow. Odetta's voice  sweetly soars alongside each mellow note, leaving the listener lulled in its wake. As the name suggests, there is a dreamlike feel to the track, but there's also an edge found in its subtle electronics and husky nuances, as Odetta softly but firmly asks in playful challenge, "Are you just gonna  give up?".

'High Dreamer' is the title track taken from Odetta's most current 5-track EP and unlike her previous work (which has been production focused), all tracks on the 'High Dreamer' EP are hugely stripped back. This shifts the focus onto piano/ acoustic led tracks, with plenty of room for Odetta to give full exposure to the true beauty and soulful textures found within her vocals.  From the stirring, moody ballad, 'When It Rains' to the bubbly, pop track with a country bounce, 'Sweet Innocence', the EP hosts a song for every mood.

Kylie Odetta is a confident, talented musician who displays vulnerability and strength in all the right places. This is exceptional song writing from a young but vastly mature and grounded artist, who by simply connecting to the most basic - yet complex -  of human emotions, is delivering music that truly resonates.

Words of Karla Harris