Single Review: Foreign Air - 'In The Shadows'

It is one of the many downfalls of the human condition that many of us are creatures of habit. We spend all of our time investing in people and places and things which, for one reason or another - are just not meant for us permanently.  Many of use are programmed to not reasonably know how to let go. What we are then left we are shadows. The shadows of  memories and times long since passed. Or in some cases we become those shadows, disengaging ourself from reality.

 'In The Shadows' by   Foreign Air' is a retrospective offering telling the tale of a person so consumed with the memories of a past connection that they are incapable of facing reality, getting over the separation and moving forward with their life. The warm percussion-lead track begins with dreamy electronics, nostalgic lyricism and echoed vocals -  seemingly suspended in space and time,  much like the song's protagonist - before evolving into a vibrant, howling, defiant track with dance-along, alternative pop sensibilities.

'In The Shadows' is the second cut taken from the duo's upcoming debut EP, and follows on from their seductive and edgy debut single, 'Free Animal'.

Words of Karla Harris