Petrol Girls: 'Some Thing' EP Launch @ The Black Heart - London 13/02/2016

Petrol Girls @ The Black Heart
It is Valentine's weekend, while most people are either sharing it with their beloved or drunkenly swiping on Tinder to fill that lonely void in their lives, here I am filling my own lonely void at The Black Heart,with it being the weekend of love and all that.

Guildford lads, Darko, provide us with a post ­hardcore warm up, sounding like an early Funeral for a Friend but with a bit more grit. When their set comes to a close, you can see just how much energy went into their set by the sweat pouring from vocalist Dan Smith's face.

With the room at a rather unpleasant temperature, next up sees two piece Kamikaze Girls thrash at us for thirty minutes with tracks like 'Tonic Youth', which sounds like the Seattle sound having sex with Jack Off Jill. It is powerful riot grrl at heart and the two piece pull it off brutally doing while being so at ease with each other. Maybe it's the little looks between them as they play or how as a pair they pack such a punch, that makes you feel the connection between these two.

Kamikaze Girls @ The Black Heart
Kamikaze Girls @ The Black Heart

The whole point of this evening is for Petrol Girls 'Some Thing' EP release, which is three tracks of beautiful post ­hardcore, with an intensely graceful flow to it as it takes you on an adventure on what Petrol Girls stand for as a band.There are many reasons why people love a band, an album or even that one song. But to pin point how that comes about is difficult, on how it helps people strive on their existence. That is the only way, I feel, is best to describe this band's fans this evening. That this band gives them some sort of importance, something to embrace and sense of the world around them, that they struggle themselves to express.

 I don't want to use the expression “band for our generation”, as this died in the nineties,but there is something about Petrol Girls that represents a similar ethos.Its in their sound, their energy, the things they discuss in their songs and even their fans. They say that they are a feminist post­ hardcore band, but they are beyond that. They are a reflection on our current society and how the world is feeling,which is angry and fed up with shit not being done, and because of that we are going to fucking do it ourselves!

Words & Photos of Ant Adams.
Petrol Girls @ The Black Heart
Petrol Girls @ The Black Heart
Petrol Girls

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