Introducing: Oda - 'So High'

'So High' is the first single Norwegian singer-songwriter, ODA, has released  as a solo artist, and while we're not sure what projects she may (or may not) have worked on before, it doesn't really matter as this is a fresh start for her.'So High' is spacious electro pop where the focus is on ODA's delicate, breathy vocals that are supported by minimalistic synths and electronics.

On the track, ODA explains:
"I wrote this song early one morning in my bathroom. It´s based on stories from my own life, as well as from my friend´s lives. I wanted to describe the feeling of being insecure about someone, about disappointment, and dealing with people that act in an unrecognizable way.

I always thought 'So high' would come out as a pretty acoustic track, but working with my producers, Maye & Simon Field, made me feel differently. I think we managed to give it the edge it needed, and space to let my vocals fly."

'So High' is a track that is lead by the emotion in the lyrical themes and vocals. At times the backing can seem cold and despondent and even conflicted, alongside the lyrics. My favourite part of the song is when ODA sings, "These days you're getting higher than the birds above"and the track splutters to a higher level when cosmic electronics kick in. This temporarily distracts from the disappointment the narrator is feeling and instead shifts to how ungrounded the situation is.

'So High' is out now vial all digital platforms.

Words of Karla Harris