Free Download: SleeperzzZ - 'Video Girl'

We were a bit wary when we first pressed play on SleeperzzZ  - 'Video Girl'. The opening 15 seconds  has something unnatural about it within its lazy moans. Our imaginations drew comparisons to the groans of the dead awakening and attempting to get reacquainted with the art of speech. It's possible we may have gotten a little bit carried away there...

This is actually the new project of the (presumably) 100% human, Steven Vernet (Stevie Sleeper) - ex member of L.A.’s hype-band White Arrows, who is starting over with a whole new sound to what White Arrows fans would be used to.  There is, of course, a Ms. Sleeper too in the form of Kelly Gibbons and the track features some great call and response between both sets of hazy, auto tuned vocals, pitched up against an upbeat yet dark, retro 80's / 90s lo fi backdrop. 

Although driven by some dated (yet not unfashionable) influences, SleeperzzZ have mashed up the old with the contemporary to create a sound that is pretty multifaceted.
'Video Girl' is taken from the band's debut self titled EP and features alongside tracks. 'Lost Cause' which gladly,  just misses the mark on being cheesy disco music, and the unconventional, auxillary percussion-heavy 'Bones' that has a hip hop meets retro synth feel.

All three EP tracks are kindly, currently available for free download via the band;s Soundcloud page, here, or via the downward pointing arrow in the soundcloud embeds below. Grab a copy while you still can!

Words of Karla Harris