Album Review: Wolfgang Merx - 'Insecurity'

These are productive times indeed for synth-loving, progressive rock fan Wolfgang Merx. Following hot on the heels of his collaborative ‘I Have Fought!’ release in mid-2015, ‘Insecurity’ is Merx’s fifth album, blending a whole heap of genres including krautrock, ambient soundscapes and the aptly-titled moogertronics.

The unsettling opening bars of ‘Buried In The Past’ quickly change into some ambient keyboard, overlaid with some distorted guitar and, towards the latter part of the track, some lovely string effects. Freeform, abstract music is very quickly established as the order of the day here, although Mogwai’s ace ‘Les Revenants’ provides a possible early reference point.

Things quickly take a different turn however with ‘Expectations’, following up with a jazz-esque vibe, all tumbling lines and meandering passages. ’67/73’ introduces some of that moogertronics to proceedings, acting almost as a solo interlude before the ambient krautrock of ’80/81’. It’s clear that Merx is a man who wears his influences on his sleeve, liking to challenge the listener with what sounds or instruments will be added next to this intriguing, spontaneous mix. As if to emphasis this point, ‘Pressure Point’ is driven along with a classic guitar solo, bolstered by some clever use of electronica.

‘Borde’ provides more guitar soloing, evoking images of some bliss-out blue whales discussing the merits of the latest Opeth release, whilst the extended jam of ‘Land Return’ edges things towards the more experimental, using drum fills to support the jamming on display before some Moog is carried along by a more conventional beat. ‘Ripple’ provides more impromptu synth and guitar atmospherics before things drift out of existence.

Like an improvised soundtrack to a bewildering thriller, give this head-mash of an album a spin in the early hours. Just what will Mr Merx concoct next?!

Words of DS_convertible