The Artist Explains: Dave Hanson - 'Blind Faith' (Video).

Who: Dave Hanson - the former lead guitarist and song writer for the well known band The Dunwells.

About The Track: 'Blind Faith' is the titular track and lead single taken from Dave Hanson's most recent EP. The track has a bluesy, vintage feel and features mellow harmonies, warm vocals, jazzy piano notes,and understated country rock guitar riffs. This is a great "pick-me-up" especially if you're still suffering from Post-Christmas blues or struggling/ failing to keep your New Year resolutions!

The Artist Explains: "For the 'Blind Faith' video I wanted something that reflected the feel-good Summertime vibe of the song. I really love Corinne Bailey Rae’s video for  'Put Your Records On', where she’s riding a bike in the sunshine - and I wanted to achieve a similar feel.
The brief was pretty simple - we needed sunshine and a cool dog! We actually spent a lot of time finding the right dog and did a doggy casting call on facebook. I was inundated with offers, but in the end we chose Elvis the Bulldog - his owner drinks at my local pub and Elvis is a proper character! He always gathers attention - especially from the girls! I love the expression in his face. It really suits the line in the song “there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet”.
We shot the video at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds on what was probably the very last day of Summer 2015. We’d been experiencing a run of unusually hot weather for September, and I decided that we should take advantage and shoot a video in “magic hour” - the last hour of sunlight where you get hazy light and long shadows.
I used a young film maker called Conor Butler, who’s really making a name for himself and I think he did an outstanding job. We had a rough idea of what we wanted, and the whole shoot lasted approximately 2 hours so I think it’s fair to say we “winged it”.
For me one of the best shots in the video is when I’m walking past the girl with Elvis and she bends down to pet him. We’d asked the girl to be in the video, but she was late for the shoot and so it was the first time she’d seen Elvis. The expression of joy when she see’s the dog is totally genuine!"-  Dave Hanson

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