Single Review: Old House Playground - '21st Century Glory'.

Have you ever wondered what a theme park might sound like if it were to be haunted by some mischievous ghoul? Not a truly nefarious type, but one a bit sinister and playful. Think more Beetlejuice than the ghost of Gaddafi. Well, anyway that was the first thought that crept into my mind when I played through '21st Century Glory' by Old House Playground. It's a fun track, backed by some well placed brass instruments to give it something of a carnival sound. Albeit the notes of choice keep it from sounding too vaudeville, leaving some edge to the sound.

The song opens with it's lead riff and dances around from there on in, stopping for the odd guitar lick. Structurally the song feels more like an epic verse as opposed to something more typically churned out by bands. Musically more of a poem than a novel. It's melodic, sweet sounding in its way and all the while somewhat menacingly rhythmic. If you're familiar with The Growlers, this track is in a similar (but ultimately unique) ballpark. The lyrics would seem to lament the monotony of laborious work and the fruitless chasing of money ("selling your soul you can buy the whole world, and have one of those rich burials"). Whilst not a particularly uncommon theme, it's still one that resonates with a great many people.

21st Century Glory is an interesting track and one that entices another listen almost immediately after the first. Intriguing but managing to be so without forcing a faux-weirdness upon itself.

Words of Jake Collins

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