Diet Cig - Live @ The Old Blue Last, London. 12/01/2016

I first stumbled across Diet Cig whilst reading an article about the band The Moms, and since then the two-piece have owned a huge piece of my heart. So when they announced that they would be coming to the UK for a small tour with Bruising, I had to jump at the opportunity to go see them, otherwise my inner teenage indie self would never forgive me.

With a wall-to-wall packed room at The Old Blue Last, Alex and Noah take to the stage for their first ever London show. And for anyone who has been to The Old Blue Last, you will know how small the stage is, but even in this case, Alex Luciano looks tiny as she drops down a leather case holding her flowery pedal board. She warms up the crowd by dancing along to Justin Bieber as she sets up her guitar and amp.

Diet Cig smash through an energetic set like a wild child who had been given too much sugar, jumping off whatever their feet can find, with Alex lifting off as quickly as her body allows her to. Between songs like 'Harvard', 'Breathless' and 'Dinner Date' Alex charms the crowd with talks of fish 'n' chips, and how she wishes to crowd surf but is too scared as she might “crush people with my bod!”

We even get to hear two new songs from their highly anticipated debut album, which got a huge response from the crowd that I think even  the band weren't expecting. They finish off their set in pure childlike form, with Alex taking that leap of faith and crowd surfing her way around the room through their last song. As Noah watches on, laughing as if this was just another day for him and Alex in their Diet Cig adventures.

 Words and Photos of Ant Adams Photography