The Band Explains: The Dunwells - 'Hey Now' (Video).

Who: Leeds-based, indie-rock, four-piece, The Dunwells are Joe Dunwell (vocals, guitar), Dave Dunwell (vocals, guitar), Rob Clayton (bass) and Adam Taylor (drums).

About The Track: 
'Hey Now' is taken from the band's upcoming second album, 'Light Up The Sky' due for release on February 26th 2016. The album is available for pre-order here.  What can you expect from the track? It's gospel-driven indie with tight, choral harmonies, combined with emotive, earthy, folk-roots.

Joe Dunwell Explains:

1.Who produced the video?
A team called Cosmic Joke. They also did the 'Lucky Ones' video and we are going to use them for the next one too. They're really top guys, very creative, ambitious and good fun to work with. I really got the best acting and performing skills they possibly could out of us.

Where was it filmed?
We’re based in Leeds and Doncaster and the Cosmic Joke guys are based in Manchester so we filmed it there in a Green screen studio, it was our first experience of using a green screen. We just had to perform the track in front of the green screen, Alex and the team then added the treatment later.

2. How does the video relate to the song, if at all?
I think the drama of the song really comes across in the video, it's quite dark in places there are some amazing shots and imagery, one of my favourite is the owls head. Also the light bulb swinging back and forth. The video works really with the lyrics of the song. Like when I sing 'sailing to the sun' they use that imagery, it's ace!

3. Any behind the scenes stories of the making of the video?
Rob was doing his close up shots and really getting in to it, pulling all best moody faces, Adam didn't know they had started film and Just walked right infront of the camera oblivious of what he had done wrong, one of those you had to be there moments we were genuinely all crying with Laughter. Andy that’s typical Adam.

4. Tell us about the ideas and themes of the imagery used?
Alot of the images and themes came from the Alex at Cosmic Joke, We discussed at length the look and feel we wanted, which was great because we loved how they interpreted the song. I think they nail it. The idea was to use the opening credits of true detective as a reference. I fell in love with it and trusted there vision entirely. The post production took weeks for them to do.

5. What is the message the video is trying to convey?

The video pulls images from the lyrics in the song. The song is about being on tour alot, all doing what we do, and loving what we do. I honestly don’t know what we would do if we didn't make music, so we feel really lucky to be doing this for a living. It's about knowing that we have friends and family back home that support and love us and are always there for us through the good time and the tough times. 'I'm still sailing to the sun' I'm still chasing my dreams. 'Leave me a light on' I know you are back home and you are there for me all the time.

Feature by Karla Harris.

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