The Band Explains: Despite My Deepest Fear - 'Selfish Generation' (Video)

Who: London Metalcore six-piece Despite My Deepest Fear are Ryan Endacott (vocals), Nick Nowak - vocals, Olly Meager (guitar), Arron Yarrow (guitar), Julian Murray (bass), Toby Barnswarda - (drums).

About The Track: 'Selfish Generation' is the opening and title track of the band's new EP, 'Selfish Generation' - out now and available to download via  iTunes.  The track balances hostile growls and a punchy breakdown against melodic vocals and a catchy chorus.  The production really sets the bar high here and in its gentler moments you can notice familiarities that you would associate with  nu metalers like Linkin Park. Despite My Deepest Fear have not currently crossed the line to radio friendly and are still growing, challenging their sound, and catering to an ever-loyal fan base without (as some would argue) 'selling out'.  If you've stumbled across this and you're not particularly a fan of Metalcore or heavier alternative music, this is definitely one worth persevering and getting to the centre of. For us, we love it all, but the track offers some great moments for those with a slightly softer ear too, if the listener is willing to give it a go.

The Band Explains

About The Track: "Selfish Generation was one of the last songs we wrote and recorded for the EP. When Nick first showed us demos we all decided then to make it the lead single and title track.The lyrics focus quite literally on the selfish mind-set/culture in the world. People focusing only on what they want/self gain and showing off to others rather than being grateful.

Musically we wanted the single and the EP to evolve from the old DMDF sound and style. Progression is key and for the most part it seems people like what we have evolved DMDF into. We certainly still fall into the genre of ‘metalcore’ but we still thrived to write music that technically and melodically was a step up from the previous release ‘Make Or Break’. Most importantly, the heavy parts are heavier and hooks are catchier."

About The  Video: The director we worked with (Scott Canty/Dark North) found us a really cool abandoned factory up in Sheffield, which is an ideal setting for the style of performance video we wanted. We wanted to showcase the song and the development we have had as a band with all aspects from member changes to our improvements in writing. " - Toby Barnswarda

Feature by Karla Harris

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