The Band Explains: Birch - 'Where Is My Mind'. (Pixies Cover) (Video)

: You remember Brooklyn trio Birch, right? We reviewed their 'Halfway' EP not so long ago.

About The Track: Birch's 'Where Is My Mind'. (Pixies Cover) is out now and  kindly available for free download via the band's Soundcloud page. The track features understated electronics with a percussive Caribbean twist, alongside ethereal, piercing vocals.

The Band Explains: "The song is a cover of The Pixies' 'Where Is My Mind', and we re-purpose it through the lens of a coming of age story set in New York City. I wanted the song and video to reflect what it's like to find yourself in New York and the feelings of isolation and coldness that often ensue in a congested city. We used a Univox Rythm Ace drum machine in the song to reflect the electronic, cold nature of modern city life. And we shot the video using a Snorricam (a camera attached to my body that shot my face as the foreground) to further instill feelings of isolation. To me, this song/video is about finding yourself, your people, and, for me, my band." - Michelle Birsky (vocals/synth).

Feature by Karla Harris.