Single Review - Oyster Kids - 'Creepy'.

Arcane indie alt-pop pair, Oyster Kids, let their first musical progeny out to play in the dark, and strike a glowing sonic spark with it: debut single 'Creepy' emits excitingly quivering melodic gloom, weaves obscure, blurry and dimly absorbing instrumental layers of sparkly charisma and irresistibly sinister aura.

And as the duo's hypnotically haunting, however smooth vocals creep into your head and won't let go, the KROQ-approved track evokes an absurdly inviting spine-tingling feel you all too willingly embrace, just to immerse yourself in the song's suspenseful and playfully rhythmic tonal scenery a little longer.

Hide-and-seek is futile, dear reader and listener, the ludic and moody whispers of 'Creepy' will find and spellbind you nonetheless, so better start listening from here...

Words of Nessi Holt.

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