MIA and TUESDAY, are  a 17 year old, twin sister, Power Pop/Acoustic Harmony duo from around the Bristol area.  The girls, who have been singing since the age of 9, cite a wide range of influences including 60s girl groups like The Marvelettes and The Shirelles, classic indie, mod and rock, as well as contemporary favourites such as, Lana Del Rey, First Aid Kit  and Tame Impala.

With this eclectic range of influences in mind, it is no surprise that this year, the duo released a 5-track EP 'SHAKE IT UP LOUDER!' that offers a little bit of everything. It takes the best of vintage sounds, the exuberance of youth, and the shrewd ability to weave together many different decades and genres of music, whilst still managing to breathe exciting new life into what at times listens as an aged selection of songs.

 Through their music MIA and TUESDAY seem to have lived a thousand lifetimes, revealing a maturity and range of experience not only in their melodies and the composition of their music, but in their lyricism, that goes fair beyond what society would expect of an atypical teenage ability and mentality.

 Not only have MIA and TUESDAY proved  through 'SHAKE IT UP LOUDER!'  that they are an incredibly talented duo who know who they are, have an established sound, and on listening to the EP - are completely confident and professional in their delivery. They have also proved themselves as boundary pushers who can proudly defy anyone who stereotypes ability, talent and passion based on age. This is an EP to be extremely proud of and a fierce reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

Words of Karla Harris

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