EP Review: Three Days From Retirement - 'If We Keep Walking Eventually We’ll Fall Off'.

As a newcomer to this particular act, I must admit that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Three Days From Retirement. Their moniker is arguably not one that immediately invokes thoughts of ‘cinematic post-rock’, more so the almost overwhelming tracks offered up on their 2015 EP ‘If We Keep Walking Eventually We’ll Fall Off '(definitely a post-rock title to be fair..).

‘Avalanche Error’ gets things off to an impressive start, combining a flawless mix of synths, clean guitar melodies and dense rhythm/bass section that builds to a crunching payoff, confidently commanding the listener’s attention. ‘Shatner’s Rhapsody however turns the epic notch up from ‘moderate’ to ‘frankly beyond massive’. Developing from some sweet bass-and-drum interplay that backdrops some damn-expansive synth/guitar, a contender for biggest riff of the year then proceeds to drop in massive, droning waves. With the drums picking up the pace and the addition of a neat guitar solo and more synth, it’s head-crushing perfection.

‘By The Power Of Grayskull’ (yes!) continues the huge sound, taking the band’s post-rock elements back into heavy territories in the latter half of the song with sublime effects. The EP ends with ‘Spooky Action Across Distance’, perhaps the most considered track on offer on account of its more gradual crescendo and interesting spoken word section that bolsters the introduction. Again, massive waves of guitar drive the track to its stunning conclusion, before driving out in a momentary haze of feedback.

So no, Three Days From Retirement are not an elderly pub rock band playing bog-standard rhythm and blues in your local social club. They’re a utterly crushing post-rock band that will happily turn up and blow your mind (and speakers). Combing excellent production, sweeping atmospherics and sheer noise, it's everything you’d want from such a release. Album please!

Words of DS_convertible.

'If We Keep Walking Eventually We'll Fall Off'  EP is available on CD and download formats from Infinite Hive, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music and Spotify.

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