The Video Explained: Bruising - 'Emo Friends'

Spearheaded by Naomi Baguley and Ben Lewis, Bruising are an English indie outfit.

About The Track: ‘Emo Friends’ / ‘Honey’ AA Single  was released 20th November via Beech Coma.

The Video Explained:  "The idea was to kind of play on the whole 'moody band' in videos and photos thing 'cos we're so far from that... We wanted to include loads of our friends having the best time while we look pretty pissed off about the whole thing. The end of Emo Friends is my favourite part of our set, it's such a release to play, feels really cathartic, so I guess the food fight at the end is trying to capture that, and we all know there's nothing more cathartic than getting punched in the face with a  piece of chocolate cake." - Guitarist Ben Lewis