The Band Explains: Practical Lovers - 'Inside Job' (Video)

  Jack Wiles and Mark Connell make up Practical Lovers, a melancholy synth-pop duo based in London.

About The Track: 'Inside Job' is taken from the band's debut LP 'Agony' which is out today (November 27th) via I'm Not From London Records.  The track features a mixed bag of emotions but essentially, Practical Lovers are inviting you to an ironic vintage disco where you are welcome to cry-dance away the very existence of the pain caused by an absent, past, or unrequited love.  Warm and upbeat synthesizers, sequences and analogue drum machines,guide you through a maze of contradictory happiness as lead vocalist and songwriter Jack Wiles betrays the very nature of the track (and possibly has a mini breakdown) through his painfully emotive, powerful, wallowing, and warbling baritone. It's an absolutely spellbinding offering.

The Band Explains:  "Lyrically 'Inside Job' is perhaps the most emotionally raw of the songs on the album. It's about the feeling I had of being in love with someone who was no longer around, and the mix of emotions that seemed to blur together as years went by, until it was impossible to distinguish between real memories and my own feelings. Finally putting it down in words was incredibly cathartic." - Jack Wiles,

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