The Band Explains: Hooded Leaders - 'The Night' (Video)

Who:  Based out of Philadelphia, Hooded Leaders are a Ghetto Goth production duo.

About The Track:   'The Night' is the first track to be taken from Hooded Leader's upcoming album 'Casting Circle' due for release later this month. Hooded Leaders put a witchy ritualistic spin on Coronas - 'Rhythm of the Night' (1993). The track features heavily distorted drums, a hard hitting bass line, chopped & screwed rap, and grime infused glitching synths. 'The Night' is an intense yet fun, dark dance offering that takes no prisoners in its execution. The spooky track is elusively assembled to blur what we perceive as the norm and bewilder its listener into existing on a different plane of reality, even if just for a few minutes.

The Band Explains: "Director Matt Larsen (Knowledge Knights) takes you on a journey from a fetish laden warehouse party, to a smoke filled séance.  The video is a reflection of a not too distant future where drugs can be accessed by cell phone apps and a cult rooted ghetto movement is influencing the youth. The spinning bottle & purple drink represent a drug that can be distributed digitally. You can watch the moods of the characters in the video change from fiending withdraws, to euphoric, based on how full the their bottle actually is"

Hooded Leaders: Soundcloud