The Band Explains: Fresh Dixie - 'Electric Feel' MGMT cover (Video).

Who: Hailing from London, Fresh Dixie are an up and coming cross-over jazz quintet.

About The Track: 'Electric Feel' was released 2nd November 2015 and will feature on the band's debut EP, due for release early next year. Fresh Dixie have taken a modest and chilled approach to the hugely popular song. They've slowed it down, stripped it back and lovingly rebuilt the track, cleverly combining elements of jazz, pop, and soul to create an enthralling, retrospective and elegant piece of music. An effort that is firmly stamped with the band's own enticing authenticity and takes on a completely different (yet very much welcome) form to what we are used to from the MGMT track we originally fell in love with.

The Band Explains: "We really liked the idea of taking a song from a drastically different genre to our own and reworking it in our jazz/pop style. We loved how Jose Gonzalez took ‘Heartbeats’ by The Knife and stripped it back to its core elements (if you haven’t heard it catch it here) and we felt ‘Electric Feel’ could work in a similar way. Our interpretation began as a simple piano and vocal arrangement, with our pianist re-harmonising and re-voicing the chords to sensitively introduce a more jazz-based sound. We were then able to slowly build the arrangement around this with the rest of the band, including a solo for good measure. This resulted in our ‘jazzed-down’ version of MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel.’"

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Live Dates
Fri 13 Nov London Jazz Festival (The Bull's Head), London