The Band Explains: Alicewell - 'Lost You Once' (Video)

Who: Swedish alt-rockers Alicewell, are Jonatan Nyberg-Kaski (vocals), Kim Davidsson (bass/vocals), Lukas Fredriksson (guitar), Robert Kolar (guitar) and Danny Pettersson (drums).

About The Track: 'Lost You Once' is  the first single taken from the band's new EP 'Young Hearts'. In this offering, Jonatan reveals layers of emotion in his vocals that perhaps have previously been unheard before.  These gentler and rawer vocal aspects immediately reminded us of  Sweden's  legendary Stefan Holmberg (Killers Walk Among Us). 'Lost You Once' is a momentous, anthemic track. Hauntingly melodic, spirited and masterfully crafted.

The Band Explains:  "'Lost You Once' is probably the most powerful, yet the most confident Alicewell's ever been in writing a song, ever. We wanted to write a song that we really felt belief in, and it started with our singer Jonatan, who had this intro idea in his head. He took it to the studio, where Lukas and Robert later wrote it in to what it is today.
We've worked hard with all of our songs, and really wanted to get this "arena sing-a-long feeling" to it. We felt really early that this would become the first single off our new EP, 'Young Hearts'.
The song is about the lack of love a relationship can have. How you can fall in love with someone who's in love with himself, who treats you like garbage and gives you hell. It's an unsuccessful love story, and it's one we believe a lot of people can relate to.

When we got the ideas about a music video, our first choice was Josh Partridge. The British video maker has been working with a lot of big acts such as Lower Than Atlantis, Don Broco and Young Guns. We love his work therefore the choice was easy, we knew he'd give us what we want.
We wrote the concept of the video together with him, so when he flew over to Sweden we got to work right away. We filmed it in a barn outside of our hometown, Eskilstuna, and spent about 13 hours in it, filming it all in one day. The film includes a very bright and colorful part, mixed with darker parts combining bright lights shining behind us to invite the arena-feeling into the video as well. It ends with our singer joining all of us in the final chorus, making it a full band finale of the 'Lost You Once' music video."

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