The Artist Explains: Etham - 'Cold Love'. (Video)

: Eighteen year old multi-instrumentalist Etham is based outside of London.

About The Track: 
'Cold Love' is taken from Etham's upcoming EP, 'Neo Romance'.  The track begins with a smooth, creeping rhythm and blues intro before showcasing Etham's soulful vocal range and seductive lyricism. The production is smooth, clean and sophisticated. Right from its pulsing bass lines at its heart to its quirky percussion. Not forgetting its unmissable and unexpected, jazz guitar solo, before fading out with gentle keys and earnest, raw vocals . This is a really special track. 'Cold Love' is an extraordinary neo soul/ pop merger from a very exciting artist.

The Artist Explains:
The video for 'Cold Love' is just a reflection of what the song's about, it's an intimate song, coupled with the theme of nostalgia with a past love and the home video vibe play's with the viewers perspective, giving you what I see and then showing them something they shouldn't see. It's the voyeurism that visualises the intimacy.

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