The Video Explained: Kopecky - 'Talk To Me'

Who: Kopecky are an indie rock six-piece from Nashville.

About The Track: 'Talk To Me' is taken from the band's second album,  'Drug for the Modern Age'. It's groove-driven, melody-heavy alt-pop.

The Video Explained: “The story for the video developed when we first heard the lyrics of the chorus, 'Talk to me, tell me all your secrets cause I want to be everything you need,'” explained Karpovsky. “We immediately saw those words as being spoken by a charismatic cult leader to his followers. But the catchy, fun vibe of the song got in the way; we seem to have inadvertently created a very fun cult that gets to carry around cool light sculptures and dance their afternoons away next to a grand piano. Why would anyone want to escape a cult like that?”