The Band Explains: Phoenix Calling - 'Traces' (Video)

Who:  Phoenix Calling are a rising alt-rock five-piece based in Peterborough, UK. The band is comprised of Steven Chapman, Dominic Greenwood, Martyn Hilliam, Matt Cope, and Jason Howard

About the Track: 'Traces' is the third track to be taken from the band's debut album 'Forget Your Ghosts', which was released in April via The Fort. 'Traces' is a melody driven track with honest lyrics ,atmospheric riffs and punchy hooks that sees alt rock succesfully breach the pop divide in a similar way to the likes of Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox and Fightstar.

The Band Explains: "Traces was written by Dom and its intention was always to leave the audience with a hook and something memorable in the chorus to hang onto. The track builds into a layered chorus full of emotion, hard hits and growl, sung eloquently by Steve with a subtle harmony that works, I think we achieved that with the way the chorus is structured and the line “If you could see me now……” It’s more commercial than some on the album but is always a favourite played live.

The song is meant to show case light and shade and be empty in the verses and big in the chorus. Martyn uses about 200 delay pedals (maybe not 200! But a lot!) to get the opening guitar effect which sets a tone for the track and repeats later on. It’s a feel good song but in essence it’s a song about missing someone and where they might be now hence the line “can you see the moon from where you are” and if they could see you, would they recognise you and what you have become and in fact what we have become “see the ghosts of us go walking by….

We hooked up again with Harvey Walton who has directed and produced our last 4 videos and the initial idea was not to have the video reflect what the song was about but to portray a story through the eyes of children. This soon moved to a story which would repeat itself through the main character and resemble a ground hog day with events unfolding that would culminate in an ending that could go one of two ways. The ending is subjective as the viewer could make up their own mind as to what happened but as a band we decided it should be a happy ending with the 2 main characters surviving and riding off in the sunset together!! (sounds sugary sweet, but it really isnt!) Have a look and make your own mind up!!"

Feature by Karla Harris.

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